Biden busing migrants in through the border

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    "I Went to the Southern Border at 3 A.M. This Is What I Saw."
    Virginia Allen, March 11, 2023

    The Biden Administration is busing migrants in through the U.S. border.
    Migrants just show up at the border, and then the border patrol sends a bus to pick them up and bring them to Yuma (in Arizona).

    These migrants just show up, have no paperwork.

    Although they're coming in through the Mexican side of the border, these migrants come from all different countries: Peru, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Colombia, China, India, Cameroon (in Africa).

    Within 48 hours, the migrants are processed and then released into the interior of the United States.

    Some migrants arrange their own transportation to their final destination and others use the resources provided by the government or non-profit organizations to reach their destination in the U.S.

    Several gaps in border fencing exist in the Yuma area, including the well known "Yuma Gap", sections of incomplete border wall across from the Morelos Dam, a popular crossing point. Former Arizona Republican Governor Doug Ducey filled some of the gaps in the wall with shipping containers topped with razor wire, but then the governor had to remove the makeshift wall following a Biden administration lawsuit against the state of Arizona and the governor.

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