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    So much the sweetness and softness of air.
    Breathe lightly upon me I cannot speak.
    Your soul is a summer wind
    Sprinkled with petals and feathers
    Running through forests and meadows
    Running through caverns and rapids
    Running through mountains and deserts
    Carrying sunlight
    Carrying pollen
    carrying raindrops
    And carrying love into hearts.
    Breathe lightly my love
    I can only feel you
    Wafting across me
    Rubbing against me
    Flying around me
    Enfolding, caressing my heart.
    Bring me the world
    Sweet breeze
    Bring me world by the molecule
    Bring me the top of the atmosphere
    Bring me the bloom of the rainforest
    Bring me the salt of the ocean
    The wind and the rain making love under glancing moon.
    Play, play with my flames
    Sweet breeze
    Send sparks flying
    Let my fulminations become
    A tapestry shining and tearing
    And reaching for you
    Carry me through the mind of humanity
    Carry me to the soul of eternity
    Carry me all around the globe
    And together we'll drape it in love.
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