Canada assisted suicide of children

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    Tucker Carlson show

    So Margaret Marsilla is a mother who lives outside Toronto, Canada. She's got a 23 year old son who suffers from depression and diabetes. Also, he doesn't have a girlfriend.
    On that basis alone, doctors have just approved her sons assisted suicide.
    A doctor called Joshua Tepper signed off on it to kill the boy, because he was sad and doesn't have a girlfriend.
    This is about to become a lot more common in Canada, as a way of cutting down on healthcare costs.
    By March, new law in Canada is expected to allow children to be killed by doctors, by state doctors, without the approval of their parents.
    It seems like a very big change in western civilization.
    Charles Camasi is a professor at Creighton School of Medicine. He's the author of losing Our Dignity. He joins us tonight.
    We've had this conversation multiple times, and each time we do, we reach a new and more terrifying low.
    Doctors killing kids without telling their parents because the kids are depressed
    At this point, we've got kids now are what they call mature minors. We've got the homeless. The poor, the disabled, those with chronic pain.
    And then right before coming on, I researched the physicians group, in Quebec that wants to kill Newborn infants. That's what's coming next.
    The Toronto Star, Tucker, a very Liberal paper in Canada called this Hunger Games, Social Darwinism.
    This is what happens, Tucker, when autonomy just goes nuts.
    I mean, you hate to, I really try never to invoke the Nazis, because, you know, for many reasons, but they are famous for doing this exact thing. Use doctors to murder the weakest in your society. And I thought that doctors kind of agreed after the second World War not to do things like this.
    Yeah, you would think, I think we should be very, very hesitant to use those arguments.But at a certain point, if the shoe fits, we, Canada, has to wear it.
    Now, the question is, can we stop this from coming to the United States?
    It hasn't got here yet, and I think we can. We have to get off the couch and do something about this. For those of us that see the writing on the wall here.
    Shouldn't the American Medical Association weigh in and just say unequivocally, doctors in the United States don't get to kill children just because children are depressed?
    A doctor's job is to help people, make them better, not to kill them, give up on them when they're kids.
    Well, as I wrote at length of Losing Our Dignity, we have a very, very different healthcare system that we had even 20 or 30 years ago. It is hyper secularized. It is often based on cost benefit analyses, even something called quality adjusted life years, which is basically ableism. And it's no accident that the disability rights groups are our biggest allies in this.​

    Imagine your daughter is struggling with suicidal feelings, and some doctor comes along behind your back and helps her do it. Or some government psychologist "validates" her feelings.
    Pro-lifers warned everyone this was where devaluing of human life was going to lead.
    "I'm not happy" = better off dead

    There was an old thread posted in this forum about how the NHS (socialized medicine system in the U.K.) euthanized a little comatose child, Alfie Evans, over the objection of his parents, who wanted to take him out of the country to Italy for medical treatment.
    Some believed the medical authorities in the U.K. were motivated to have the child's life end because it would have been a scandal and very embarrassing to the NHS if the child had made a recovery, after doctors wanted to pull the plug.
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    Hmm, do you have a reputable source for this with more details? I don't trust Tucker on... anything at all.

    It's possible Canada can go too far on it's assisted suicide, but that doesn't mean assisted suicide is always wrong.

    The Evans case was more about withdrawing futile care. They had a fatal and untreatable brain condition characterized by a persistent vegetative state. The patient really had no chance to benefit from any care and so it was more about the parents being in denial.
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    Just because one doctor in Canada is doing something doesn’t mean the whole country is going to engage in improperly approving euthanasia. The term ‘state doctors’ doesn’t apply in Canada. There are rules related to MAID law state that TWO doctors need to sign off on any case. Signing off on a case that involves diabetes and not having a girlfriend is not an appropriate reason and I noticed there is only one doctor mentioned so it’s doubtful that any other doctor has signed off on the young man’s case and they probably won’t. As far as Dr Joshua Tepper goes, he is breaking the MAID protocols and he should be reported to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario so they can review his behaviour. They could remove his right to sign off on euthanasia. Once again Carlson is exaggerating and not exactly giving the true state of affairs.

    As far as the Evans case, @LiveUninhibited is absolutely correct.

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