Chinese frame publishers with "National Security" crimes

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    It appears that several individuals who were publishers, publishing things about Chinese politicians and politics, have been arrested and accused of "National Security" crimes.

    The below article details two separate men who were Chinese born, but acquired foreign citizenship in another country later.

    One man, it appears, was kidnapped while on vacation in Thailand, whisked away to China, and forced to renounce his Swedish citizenship, so that they would not have honor special protections of foreign citizens. (The man was Chinese-born, however)
    He was held for 3 years, then released on house arrest, but detained again after apparently meeting with two Swedish diplomats on a train. About 10 plainclothes officers were on the train and then grabbed him.

    Another man was only released after 8 months of interrogation and promising to give his captors information about his bookstore's authors and customers.

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