Dershowitz: Leaked IG Drafts Prove 'We Never Needed Special Counsel' Read Newsmax: Dershowitz: We N

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    When we got the shock that Democrats accused Trump of colluding with Russia, we all said Whaaaaaa?

    Why would Trump need Russia or want Russia? Nobody could pull that off and have it a secret. We were told to believe the intel. We looked at it thinking it said Russia and Trump worked it out as a plan. But nope, it never said that. We thought, well it says Trump was in on it. Gee nope, never said that either.

    So what the heck was it all about?
    • leaked portions of an inspector general's report on fired FBI Director James Comey proves that there was never a need for special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russia.
    • Dershowitz, speaking on Fox News' "Fox & Friends," said he has several conclusions about the report, after ABC reported Wednesday, citing sources who have seen a draft compiled by Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

      "Number one, somebody leaked it because they are afraid it's going to get changed," said Dershowitz. "They want people like us to see the original."

      He added that he hopes Horowitz hangs onto his regular draft, so he can be questioned about it.

      "Second, it proves that we never needed a special counsel," Dershowitz continued. "We have the inspector general. He is independent. He does a great job. All of this could have been done through the Justice Department, regular lawyers. You don't need to bring in a multi-million-dollar group of people with a target on the back of specific individuals. That's not the way justice should operate.

      "Horowitz's job is to make recommendations based on his report, but Congress has power to demand that he produce his original document and see if anything was changed and why.

      "Let's be fair, if there is something negative about Comey and Comey's lawyer comes and says, no, this isn't accurate, here is prove it isn't accurate, it should be changed," said Dershowitz. "That's due process. If it's changed for political reasons, that's very different."

      Dershowitz, though, said that when the IG's report comes out, it will be different than the original, but "we are entitled to see every single draft and know what was changed."

      Read Newsmax: Dershowitz: We Never Needed Special Counsel |
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