Don't Be Stupid!

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    Don't Be Stupid!

    What do I mean?
    There are many other ways to get an animal out of some place where you don't want it, or to move it.

    Call Animal Control for one! So they can handle the situation Correctly!

    Too many times, have I heard, or seen something in the news, how an animal attacks a human, or humans, and it says something to the effect of: The humans cornered the animal, and then the animal attacked them.

    Well, no crap sherlock! It's Instinctive for most, if not all animals, or any species of any kind to attack, if cornered!! It's called self-Defense! They don't know what your intentions are!

    So don't corner a deadly animal! Call animal Control! they can Trank the animal, and take it back to where it belongs.

    These rules don't apply if a deadly animal is attacking you. Then you must defend yourself, of course.

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