Dr. Stacey Patton, Ph.D, Stop Beating, Abusing, Maltreating & Killing Black or AA Children

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    Hello, to my American and foreign born neighbors. Do you believe heeding Dr. Patton's advice will help improve race relations in the USA?

    Respectfully, I would like to learn if you are familiar with author and violence researcher, as well as 'Childhood Trauma' (#ACEs) victim-survivor, Dr. Stacey Patton, Ph.D, and her extensive research into potentially life scarring, as well as deadly domestic violence committed against American children and teens, aka our Nation's most precious and cherished assets?

    The following are quotes and excerpts from college professor and 'Childhood Trauma' (#ACEs) victim-survivor Dr. Stacey Patton's book "Spare the Kids: Why Whupping Children Won't Save Black America", as well as Dr. Patton's public interviews.


    "I would have never been able to do this work if I had come into this world with a mother who stayed, who nurtured me in a healthy way." ~Professor Stacey Patton

    The Undefeated: 'Are there any concepts in your book that may be new to readers?'

    Dr. Patton: "I think that some of the data. For example, in the past 10 years, if you look at the annual child maltreatment reports that are put out by the Association for Children and Families, African-Americans have killed over 3,600 children.

    A lot of people will say, ‘It’s better for me to whup my child than the police,’ but when you look at the data, yes, we’ve seen instances of state violence against unarmed black children, but when you look at the data for the past 10 years, African-Americans kill an average of 360 children a year.

    If you line that up against the police killings, it pales in comparison. African-American children are more at risk of being assaulted, physically injured or killed by their own parents than by the police. There’s that."

    "In 2015, black kids had the highest rate of abuse and neglect, at 14.5 per 1,000 children, compared with 8.1 per 1,000 for white children, according to the Children’s Bureau, part of the Department of Health and Human Services."

    "More than 3,600 black children in the United States have died as a result of maltreatment in the past decade, a rate three times higher than for all other racial groups. Suicide rates among elementary-age black children have nearly doubled since the 1990s, while the rates for white children have fallen, according to a 2015 report from the Journal of the American Medical Association.”"
    (*May 18, 2015 - Rise in Suic!de by Black Children Surprises Researchers - The New York Times*)

    I write about and share evidence of America’s MUCH IGNORED, oppressive, potentially life scarring black or African American *MATERNAL CHILD CARE* #T_H_U_G_L_I_F_E NATIONAL PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS that I, as well as a growing number of my reasonably responsible, caring, concerned American and foreign born neighbors believe is impeding our black or American neighbors of African descent from experiencing the equality and respect all peaceful, reasonably responsible Americans are entitled to enjoy.

    "The Hate U Give Little Infants Fvvks *EVERYONE"* ~Tupac Shakur

    "We need more people who care; you know what I'm saying? We need more women, mothers, fathers, we need more of that..." ~Tupac Shakur

    Unfortunately, before he developed the confidence to properly promote his #THUGLIFE Child Abuse *AWARENESS* concept, Tupac was brutally murdered by OTHER emotionally or mentally ill victims (*May 18, 2015 - Rise in Suic!de by Black Children Surprises Researchers - The New York Times*) of America's Culture of African American Child Abuse, Neglect and Emotional Maltreatment evolving from America's multi-generational, ignorant, once legal Culture of Racism.

    Much like Tupac I’m sorry to pick on moms, though since ancient times they are the primary caregivers we look to keep our young minds feeling SAFE, protected, cared for and loved right from our start.

    In her own way, Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, M.D., pediatrician and CEO of the Center for Youth Wellness joins the late American urban story-TRUTH-teller Tupac Shakur, as well as Dr. Stacey Patton, Ph.D, in PASSIONATELY speaking about the relationship between Adverse Childhood Experiences (#ACEs), aka *Childhood Trauma*, and later-life health and well being.

    Pediatrician Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, M.D. passionately shares her belief a National MOVEMENT is required...

    "How 'Childhood Trauma' affects health across a lifetime" - Pediatrician Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, M.D.

    Sadly, Tupac LOUDLY and consistently revealed to his fans and admirers, THROUGH NO FAULT OF HIS OWN, he was a 'Childhood Trauma' (#ACEs) victim who matured into an admitted depressed, suic!dal thinking teen and adult speaking about harming his peaceful neighbors to acquire cash needed to feed his neglected, hungry, "hurting" belly...yet NO ONE listened!

    _tupac dr nadine burke harris common.jpg
    During a March 11, 2018 '60 Minutes' segment titled, "Treating Trauma," Oprah Winfrey, a 'Childhood Trauma' (#ACEs) victim-survivor, shared knowledge regarding America's easily PREVENTABLE, though potentially life scarring *CHILD CARE* PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS.

    EYE-OPENING knowledge Oprah exuberantly confirms is a "game changer."

    YouTube search terms: "Oprah Winfrey 'Fixing The 'Hole In Your Soul'"

    _Belinda Pittman-McGee Oprah Winfrey_02.jpg


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    American *(Children)* Lives Matter; Take Pride In Parenting; *End Our National Epidemic of Child Abuse and Neglect*; End Community Violence, Police Fear & Educator's Frustrations
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