Dreams ?

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    Or Dreaming.We all as creatures of the human race have dreams.
    Or should.It is part of the process of being mortal and understanding
    the human condition.or should be.And yes,one is almost always
    the central figure in their dreams.Or need be.Just like how one cannot
    enter into their dream or get out of their dream.No matter what one
    thinks about the dream.Because one does think while in their dream.
    Or should.Or need be thinking.Unlike posting on a Message board.
    Where too often thinking is not required.Not so with a Dream.
    Whetheras one could swear their dream character is almost exactly the
    same person in real life.Sans the Superman powers and uniform.So in that
    vein Dreams can be political.
    Dreams or Dreaming can be fun,illuminating and mysterious.Seldom
    boring like a bowl of porrage every morning at the Orphanage.If that is
    a recurring dream,then quickly ask for yer money back.However under
    normal circumstances tipping is not allowed in one's dream.It would
    defeat the entire notion of dreaming.Unlike cheating in class or polishing
    the apple in grade school with Miss Crabtree.In hopes she appears that night
    in yer dream with a new Victoria Secret negligee and of course that Boob
    job she's been itching to try out.But not in class,just yet.
    Therefore Dreams can be informative and enlightening.Also Terrifying
    like a newly discovered set of short stories by Edgar Allen Poe that were
    hidden in some Baltimore Hotel vault due to being overtly risqué.
    On account is was not very Victorian to think in sexual terms
    laying bare on some heavy leather couch to some dude with a big beard.
    Think Sigmund Freud and Josef Breuer.Then again ... Don't think
    about them.See if I give a gilhooley.

    Therefore :
    " The dream is not meaningless,not absurd .... it is a
    perfectly valid phenomenon,actually a wish-fulfillment.
    Every dream reveals as a psychological structure,full
    significance.Dreams are absolutely egoistic. " - S.Freud

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