Education and a lasting democracy

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    To sum up my thoughts I would say a democracy cannot last without an excellent education system, affordable and excess able to even the lowest in the society. I believe this is one of the bed rocks to democracy that is overlooked by many on every side of politics.

    The Greek philosopher Plato argued that only the experts should be allowed to vote as it requires judgment and skill. This point I strongly agree with, but rarely hear this point being used to push for better education. Okay now for centuries to educate the masses would have been an almost impossible task to achieve. However the last few decades has seen education in larger parts of the world become a mandatory part of life for the youth. But one problem that has not been addressed in the majority of countries is the divided in education. If the best education is given to those who can afford it and only the most exceptional students. The only result that can be expected is the rise in inequality and class separation. If education continues to be allowed to privatised, a society can never have equal education for all. As a private school needs to be selling something better to be able to attract customers.

    Equal, affordable and excellent education for all does have issues. The greatest argument against this would be the cost. To provide the best education for all the are a lot of very expensive changes that need to happen.
    Firstly teaches need to be highly trained even for primary education. With better educated teaches one would expect to pay them at a higher rate.
    Secondly schools need to become more equipped with better facilities and be able to keep up with ever changing technologies. Again costing considerable amounts.

    The other issues I see are not negatives and relate to why I think good education is such a key part of a fair and equal democracy. Better education for all of society will lead to more informed voters. The masses will be able to become the experts as well, with better judgment and understanding. Not so easily miss deceived by fake promise, guided by anger and fear. Politician who then do not act in the people's interests will not easily get away with it. This issue of change is the reason I think an education system designed to benefit all equally has not been been implemented in hardly any countries that I know of. And if it ever is it will face strong opposition by those currently who wield power. Who ever is against the idea of greater education for all will mostly use the argument that it is to costly. But this can be rebutted by argument that it is key lasting stability of a democracy and therefore essential and worth the cost. If they stand against it they stand against democracy and equality.

    Other random opinions I hold on education and its futureĀ…
    I believe it is time the education system faced great changes in the formate of how students are educated. I am no expert in this, but it is clear that with the ever advancing rate of change in technology and the world in general the current education system if left in the same learning formate will never be able to teach enough to student with the current best education system. I feel countries need to work together with research projects find better forms for educating students that can be implemented with in a system that all can have access to.
    I feel they way in which we think of education needs to change. Schools should be thought of as essential as government. But the material taught should never be controlled by a government or individual as it can to easily be used to push opinion on those who are still developing their own. Greater efforts are needed to ensure education is only factually. Don't get me wrong I still think religion should be taught in schools just like different political ideologies should be. But the way it must be taught needs to be from a factual angle. Maintain religion in schools is important as people will always believe in something and educating people about all different ideologies helps to understand those who hold these different ideas about how the world works or should work.

    This is my first post on here. Sorry if it was a bit of a rambling, but please tell me your opinions.
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    Welcome. Pick some active threads that interest you an start posting. Education and education reform frequently comes up in our discussions. You may want to start new threads, but you should read the rules carefully before doing that. Good luck

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