Empire Democracy is contraindicated

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    Empire Democracy is contraindicated

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    Empire and Democracy are incompatible things. Moreover, empire democracy is contraindicated and a vivid example is Russia. The venture connected with the willful introduction of Democracy in Russia failed miserably due to compelling objective reasons, however, like all previous ones. Although the reasons are objective, they are inherently subjective, for they relate to such a subject as the people. Every nation has its own genetic background, which, in general, distinguishes one nation from another. Thus, the reasons directly considered by us lie in the genetic field, which explains their steady constancy in time.

    The first reason: the reluctance and inability of the Russian people to engage in political and economic activities. This fatal circumstance comes from the depths of the centuries, when the Berendees, being incapable of self-government, invited for this purpose the Ruriks of the Rus tribe, to whom Russia itself owes its name. The inability of Russians to rational labor is known as the definition taken from Russian classical literature - Oblomovism. There can be no democracy in a state without at least some kind of active participation of the people in politics and, most importantly, no democratic state is viable without the initiative economic activities of its people.

    The total collapse of the communist ideology caused the disintegration of the Soviet Union and put a new Kremlev power in front of the economic problem, the solution of which she saw in the democratic model of state structure tested in the West. Russian young Democrats hoped that they should sell the people, literally for nothing, through the voucher system, state property, as the country's economy will automatically switch to capitalist rails and bring the country out of chaos. In fact, the country has all the necessary conditions for prosperity: fertile land, acceptable climatic conditions, a whole set of mineral resources, and labor, but I would like to recall the phrase of Prime Minister Chernomyrdin, famous for its eloquence, It turned out as always. ”

    This “as always” is the very same genetic constant that is characteristic of every nation, the carrier of this constant. The passivity of the Russian people led to the fact that most of the state property fell into the hands of a small handful of people, let's say not Russian nationalities. For the same reason, they were in politics. The traditional for Russia, the dominance of the bureaucratic apparatus, as an integral part of the dictatorial regime of power, but left out of state control during the Yeltsin's democracy, combined with fraudsters and fraudsters, gave rise to oligarchy. This symbiosis of power and criminal capital has reached incredible heights in Russia. Very symbolic for this time is the fact that the richest oligarch Berezovsky, who has Israeli citizenship, becomes the secretary of the Russian Security Council!

    The oligarchs were entrusted with the holy of holies of the Russian power, the Kremlin, and even brought the power of the Kremlin master to power. Looking for an urgent replacement for the sick and progressively degrading Yeltsin as a person, who was not so much the guarantor of the constitution, how he loved to dignify himself, and how much the guarantor of their financial well-being, the oligarchs brought to power V. Putin, with whom, however, there was a fatal slip, cost them a disaster afterwards. The fact is that in the inconspicuous look, obedient and executive in the past employee of the KGB, Putin, they overlooked a very programmatic and powerful man with ambitious plans, implicated in strong patriotism.

    Once the will of the oligarchs was responsible for Russia, Putin was faced with a dilemma: whether to play the unenviable role of the puppet intended for him by the oligarchs, or to engage in an empire that was slipping to death. Choosing the second option, and knowing the imperial outlook of the Russian people well, Putin very sensibly began with the war in Chechnya, accompanying the army’s actions with simple and understandable words “strangle a reptile”, that is, Chechnya and “drench them in the toilet”, that is, Chechens than immediately gained the love and support of the Russian people. After that, he carefully directed actions to curtail democracy, which today exactly corresponds to the status of democracy under the Communists.

    In Russia, democracy is known only in its very word - a sort of thing in itself that is accessible to people elected to power, and the more the person has a greater degree of power, hence Putin's definition of democracy in Russia as sovereign, that is, democracy for sovereign .

    In order to save the Russian empire from economic catastrophe, Putin first of all dispersed the oligarchs, established a vertical of power in Russia with its numerous bureaucracy, turned the election into a farce, the parliament as a legislative body, in fact, became an obedient appendage of the Kremlin, unquestioningly serving the president’s wishes. In a word, Putin returned totalitarianism to the Russian people, with all the ensuing consequences, that is, everything that is observed today.

    Russian people are genetically incapable of embracing democracy (1). No wonder all known democrats in Russia are not of Russian nationality (2). And the new attempt to achieve power over the Russian people - the congress, once again baked for the upcoming elections of the party "Other Russia", will end in failure. Surprisingly exact name. As soon as there is the slightest opportunity to get to power in Russia, you and Trotsky with Lenin, Zinoviev with Kamenev, Stalin with Beri and Kaganovich and the current pleiad of word folk, and again not Russian nationality, so to speak, Kasparov. Yes, talkers feel where and when they can hang noodles on their ears! They would be better asked if Russians need another Russia. Right in the name of a mock with a mockery. You can’t think better! In short, as Bulgakov sir Woland would say, "We are in awe!"

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    Empire meant a state consists of many nations. Otherwise it's the fascism.

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