Endangered Jews?

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    Endangered Jews...

    It's a common narrative that Jewish people claim they are the victims of worldwide terrorism. This has been extremely profitable for them in terms of financial, military, and economic aid from the entire western world- Israel receiving billions of dollars yearly from the US alone. So...where are all the casualties?

    Even in Israel they claim to be constantly besieged by a Palestinian populace that lives under the complete control of Israel. They claim that they are victims of rocket attacks and yet these rockets never really hurt anyone, but scores of Palestinian women and children are killed in subsequent retaliation bombings by Israel. But none of this registers, it's ALL about Israeli-Jewish international victimization and they ironically supported by the people who claim to be against perpetual victim-politics.

    So...it should be a simple thing. Were is the fallout of this anti-Jewish aggression in the world?

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