False Equivalencies & How Trump Uses Them

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    I’m going to outline this in rapid summary fashion. This is not an extremely detailed replay of known History, nor is it intended to be. The point here is to highlight the way in which false equivalencies are constructed and then used by Donald Trump, to shape an alternate world view of his own conduct relative to facts otherwise known by most to be extant and opposite from his contrived view of the same.

    I have always guided, that the use of false equivalencies is a sign of weakness in your argument. That use of such ‘tools’ are often a method for hiding or shading a truth in a different and unconnected area that abides outside your stated claims.

    Detection of a false equivalence is no more difficult than the detection of a false presupposition. Though, the two can be different in content and substance, their illogical profile and commingled context can always be juxtaposed against the voracity of the independent facts that make up the whole claim. In other words, when in doubt about what anybody is telling you to be “factual,” a close examination of the individual elements that make up each alleged fact for both Logical Consistency and Logical Fluidity, will uncover the underlying voracity of the incorrectly linked claims being made by the one authoring such claims.


    Exhibit A:

    Hillary, places government emails on her private server in violation of protocols. That fact gets exposed prior to the election. FBI/DOJ investigate. Hillary, is admonished for violating protocol and being reckless. Investigation concludes that Hillary, broke no law.

    Later, text messsages were subsequently found showing employees of FBI/DOJ involved in exchanging comments about “stopping” Donald Trump, from being elected. Ultimately, two days before the 2016 election, FBI/DOJ reaffirm that Hillary, while using poor judgement, did not violate law.

    Exhibit B:

    Russian probing and hacking of various US based computers is detected during the 2016 campaign. FBI/DOJ launch investigation. Wikileaks announces that it has data obtained from the hacks that are unfavorable to Hillary. Donald Trump, hits campaign trail calling for Hillary to be “locked up,” citing FBI/DOJ probe into Hillary’s use of a private email server, Loretta Lynch’s meeting on the tarmac and Weiner emails. Forensic analysis including specialized third-party consulting services contracted by FBI/DOJ conclude that Russian probes/hacks were in fact extant during the run-up to the 2016 presidential election and were adverse to Hillary.

    During the Russian Interference probe, Trump Campaign officials are discovered having physical contact with know Russian operatives. Independent Counsel is appointed to investigate leading to 19 indictments including three (3) companies and several key Trump Campaign officials and operatives. Later, Trump’s personal attorney’s office is raided, putting another indictment on Independent Counsel’s radar.

    The False Equivalence

    Simple. Trump, equates the intentional and unorthodox storage, security and routing of government emails on a personal server with the intentional probing, hacking and hijacking of a US election that benefited only his political adversary.

    This false equivalence has been playing out since before Trump, was elected under the false premise that this false equivalence provided. Even if Comey, committed a criminal act (which the IG concluded he did not) by not following standard FBI/DOJ probe and even if Hillary, committed a criminal act (which the FBI/DOJ concluded she did not) by not following standard protocol for handling official email, even if two lovers who worked at the FBI expressed their personal opinions in text messages about not wanting Donald Trump to become President and even if Loretta Lynch, had impact in the decision about how the Hillary email probe would move forward, absolutely none of that helped Hillary and indeed ALL of it hurt Hillary’s presidential bid.

    The 19 indictments involving the Russian Interference probe, including three (3) companies (businesses) and the pending indictment of Trump’s personal attorney, have and had absolutely no connection to Hillary’s emails, her use of those emails and/or ALL the errors made by the FBI/DOJ investigation combined. This is the nature of the false equivalency. This is WHY it is a false equivalence and even the so-called Liberal Media has not done a good job of separating these two completely different events.

    Claiming that someone involved in the Russian Interference investigation was biased towards Trump, has no logical connection to the Independent Counsel’s ultimate findings thus far and the indictments handed out thus far. If there was no evidence of Russian contact with Trump Campaign officials and operatives, then there wouldn’t be any indictments involving Trump Campaign officials and operatives. Therefore, those connections prior to the election remain extant and are completely separate from those who were investigating Hillary’s emails.

    The ultimate befactor in both events was Donald Trump. This fact makes Trump’s perpetual harping on Hillary’s emails, the investigation into Hillary’s emails, the alleged biased individuals involved in the investigation of Hillary’s emails and the Russian Interference, ultimately had nothing but positive impact for Donald Trump’s bid for the White House.

    Trump’s claims of bias amount to a total Red Herring. A complete nonsequitur reply to whether or not Trump’s Campaign had any involvement with Putin’s order to hack the US elections of 2016. False equivalence defined.

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