'Fascist' Russia bill could bar up to 200,000 Alexei Navalny supporters from running for parliament

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    Except a few things have happened to deny or delay a significant attack on Iran.

    When Dimitri Rogozin declared an attack on Iran equivalent to an attack on Russia's security, this solidified that a defensive stance would be taken by Russia.

    This stance may have been somewhat insignificant, had Russia been unable to thwart the 2 front attack on Russian interests during the Obama presidential period, with Ukraine and Syria. However Russia was successful in reclaiming Crimea, as well as in not allowing Syria to "fall" like Iraq (and perhaps also successful in turning more of the ME away from american influence).

    Also, the "shoe in" Hillary Clinton campaign was not won, and instead President Trump was elected, which changed the structure of american foreign policy to some degree.

    I believe that had Obama achieved his goals during his presidency, and/or had Clinton been elected, and/or had Putin acted differently regarding his response to american foreign policy, we would be discussing an Iran war in progress by now, or in the very near future.

    Just my take, tho. Who am I to say?

    Wolfowitz doctrine:


    To the topic, this is a bold move, and I find it somewhat similar to declaring the Proud Boys a terrorist organization. For the majority of members, they are probably not terrorists, but in the mix there is most likely a seed or two willing to upset cultural conventions to the detriment of national interest.
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    Hitler is your hero????


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