Fighting gangs.

Discussion in 'Social Security' started by Brett Nortje, Feb 3, 2017.

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    In cape town, there is a real gang problem in certain areas. i am not sure if it as bad as brazil or the phillipines, but it is pretty bad, and, now i think i have a solution for it.

    If it is that much of a problem, this gangsterism, then the society will all know about it. the problem is when the gangs come to terrorize locals, the locals look on in fear - if they were to get together and stamp out the gangster element, then they could get rid of the plague of gangs for a good while, if not forever.

    So, what i am suggesting is that all locals get 'deputized' and issued with a baton and handcuffs. they could also be issued with mace, in case the gangs draw weapons on them, maybe even cameras or cell phones with video or photograph capabilities to take evidence to the police stations? then they could help with the paper work - a few house wives or something?

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