GOP the party of Freedom?

Discussion in 'Political Opinions & Beliefs' started by CarlB, Mar 25, 2012.

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    Someone needs to explain to me how a group who spends all their time trying to take away peoples' freedoms can possibly say they support "liberty". Here's a small list of freedoms that republicans want to take away from us:

    1. the freedom for poor and minorities to vote
    2. the freedom of gay people to marry
    3. the freedom to unionize
    4. the freedom to not be controlled by christianity
    5. the freedom to protest politicians
    6. academic freedom (there is a republican on Hannity saying we should blacklist professor's who aren't conservative)
    7. the freedom to have sex
    8. the freedom of family planning, birth control and abortion
    9. the freedom to not have your communication monitored by the government
    10. the freedom to donate to organizations that the government doesn't like
    11. the freedom to be a single parent
    12. the freedom of scientific research (especially stem cell research)
    13. the freedom to enjoy public lands (many republicans want to get rid of federal lands)
    14. in one state you can't even live with someone you're not married too (I think it was Missouri?)
    15. the freedom to celebrate or publicize non mainstream religions (like paganism)
    16. the freedom to be non-religious

    These are the ones I can think of off the top of my head, so how can anyone call these people the party of freedom? The only "liberties" they care about are not paying taxes, polluting, shooting and bombing everything (and ripping everyone off).
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    They support the freedom of the rich to be richer regardless of anything else.

    I guess that's the only one that counts.
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    I am not a republican and don't know the answer to all of them...
    If you need an id to buy bleach why don't you need an id to vote?
    Many republicans are fine with unions, they just don't want forced unions.
    Some republicans don't want freedom to be controlled by Christianity. The most vocal ones do.
    They want this. I don't know why you don't think they don't?
    Hannity is crazy with some of his views. Many republicans don't care what the teacher's beliefs are as long as they do not push that view into the kids.
    Many republicans are fine with family planning and birth control. They don't want the government forcing companies to give birth control for free that is not against birth control though. Abortion is a tricky issue. Technically life starts at conceptions since cells are in sperm and cells are alive. This is protecting life. It is understandable in my opinion.
    In case you don't know the democrats want communication monitored as well. The NSA is building a new building for this purpose. Obama could stop it if he felt like it.
    Republicans are fine with this? I don't know why you don't think that.
    Some want the states to have control of them. Some want privatization. Some like federal. Selling the land would help the government pay off some of its debt. Also, it is kind of ridiculous that Utah for example only has about 25% of the land not owned by the federal government
    Many republicans are fine with you being any religion you want as long as you do not try to push that religion/non-religion on them.
    It is true that some republicans do the stuff you said, but generalizing about the whole party is wrong. There are nutjobs in every political party.
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    Can you explain to me how, when you start with a lie, you can expect anyone to take your post seriously. I recall the Democrats busting their butts to stop the military from voting but how do the Republicans try to stop elibigle, and living, people from voting? And, I'm really sorry if you disagreed with the Democrats on Korea, Vietnam, the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya.

    And just so I don't miss, your last one. I am an atheist, I've been non-religious for 60 years and the Republicans haven't bothered me.

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