Hidden Tyranny? Mexico In Chaos

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    * Strangely enough, there was no category for Mexico in the "Politics By Region" group (unless I missed it) so I posted here. Apologies if I mis-posted.

    I had always thought that Mexico was a state that was simply rocked by massive drug problems. It turns out that this, as well, was just a simplistic narrative easy to understand and, with enough repitition, easy to forget. However, with the investigation into the incident of the disappearance of 43 students, it seems to reveal that it's not just drug cartels, but it is the Mexican government itself involved in this carnage and using the drug cartles as a convenient fig-leaf to mask it's actions...and it has the cooperation and support of the US government.

    I can only paraphrase. I recently came across a site that has been detailing events in Mexico for some time and...it's quite a gateway into yet another "world in the world" most of us may have an inaccurate view of...or possibly. You're free to dispute...


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