How PAP devised the GRC system of elections to checkmate Singapore citizens and hold their MPs hosta

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    How PAP devised the GRC system of elections to checkmate Singapore citizens and hold their MPs hostage.

    Even LKY wasn't so evil, so did Lee Hsien Loong devise the GRC system to checkmate all Singaporeans?

    Chan Chun Seng said that the opposition was trying to "checkmate" the PAP government, perhaps he should stop calling the kettle black when it was probably his own master, PM Lee Hsien Loong who devised the GRC system of elections to hold all GRC MPs hostage and thus checkmate Singaporeans as MPs are forced to obey the whip by default, save allowance to vote by conscience once in a blue moon.

    Even Lee Kuan Yew wasn't so evil in systematically depriving Singaporeans of their rights to just and effective political representation.

    During LKY as PM-ship years prior to introduction of the GRC system in 1988, even LKY knew that he could only push a PAP MP so far in running roughshod over human rights issues, since a disenfranchised PAP MP could well spite the PAP in the face by returning as an independent or opposition candidate in a compulsory by-election if the were to be ejected from Parliament by the PAP political party by virtue of him being expelled from PAP political party membership by the PAP Exco. This is because the constitution states that all vacated MP seats must be filled in 3 months, unless parliament is to be vacated in time for a general election to happen in 6 months. Thus, there was a limit to LKY being evil and violating the human rights of Singapore citizens.

    The GRC system however, has since removed that safety measure and removed the liberty of GRC MP's to vote with their conscience, since statutes pertaining to GRC system clearly almost totally dismiss the need for any by-election, save the unlikely situation that all seats in the GRC in question are altogether vacated. (See Parliamentary elections act states in Cap 24, (2A) "In respect of any group representation constituency, no writ shall be issued under subsection (1) for an election to fill any vacancy unless all the Members for that constituency have vacated their seats in Parliament."

    And the GRC is a purely superfluous and redudunt creation, devised purely to advance PAP interest, since by Snr Minister of State Maliki Osman, by way of logical extension, that the NCMP scheme would suit a guaranteed quota of minority MPs and even go further with a much more generous provision of more minority representation as well as access by all minorities to even NMP representing their religious groups if the NCMP, by way of racial affiliation, couldn't solve their displeasure with a particular government policy or proposal.

    Even the GRC statutes are an absurdity and unjust and most derogatory towards minority rights, since like any, the vacancy of a minority MP from a GRC requires no replacement, making a mockery of the minority MP representation as a mere entry ticket for GRC MPs into parliament.

    Thus, the creation of the creation of the GRC system was one wholly superfluous and most likely a product of mischief or malice.

    And I wonder, who was the evil maths genius who devised this evil method of legislating depotism/ monarchy rule in a democratic country like Singapore should be.

    Reference :
    CNA 2 July 2020: Singapore GE2020: NCMP scheme "already improved and enhanced", says Maliki Osman. He said the concept of Non-Constituency MPs has already seen enhancements. He added that the NCMPs who are eventually voted into Parliament will have the power to vote.

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