How the NWO is reached: By setting the world in motion

Discussion in 'New World Order' started by Xanadu, May 16, 2014.

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    How the NWO is reached is not very hard to understand, fundamentally by setting the world in motion and hammering it to one by using mind control, social enigneering, psywar and tyranny.
    By using deception, politics, propaganda, economy, fear, doubt, uncertainty, tyranny, awakening the world was and is set in motion.

    So the only way to stop this process is to understand all these tactics, strategies, tricks and mechanisms.

    At the moment you are not part of a political party, political organisation, a revolt, a revolution, a mass demonstration, understand how tyranny, oppression, rights taken away, taxes, the 'big brother' society, and bureaucracy are leading to anger, resistance and awakening, etc etc,
    If you understand the mechanism that sets masses of people in motion, this world does not lead to a new world order (process going on for at least thirty years, and since Y2k accelerating)
    Because movements and/or chaos in the masses are leading to new order eventually. Because people or groups are always seeking for security, leaders, certainty, stability, safety, and freedom.
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    This could lead to a major decrease in the power of the NWO.

    Trump Announces Declassification of Russia Collusion, Clinton Email Probe Documents

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