Hungary can be proud that it was the first country to prove that migration can be stopped – PM

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    Addressing an international press conference on Thursday, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said Hungary’s goal is to have “anti-immigration forces” in the majority in every European Union institution.

    Hungary wants to see an anti-immigration majority first in the European Parliament, then the European Commission and eventually, through member states’ national elections, in the European Council as well, Orban said.

    The prime minister said May’s European parliamentary elections would be historic because Europeans would finally get to have their say on the issue of migration. Hungary so far has been the only member state where the people have been given the chance to express their views on migration, he said. Orban added that his Fidesz party’s aim for the elections was “to be the most successful party” in Europe and in the European People’s Party.

    Bravo Hungary :applause:
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