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Discussion in 'New World Order' started by Methusala, Dec 24, 2014.

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    I have heard about a listing called i corp that is trying to buy up and coming businesses and labels. they are like the Illuminati and the Marxists, and, the secretive Fabian society. while others try to capture power centers and infrastructure, the soon to come I corp has a little less start up money, but, they have great appraisal skills. i hear they have some data capturer that analyses market trends and grabs stuff that is in his opinion a solid investment. this is a rumor too, but i hear they use magic arts to get his appraisals and estimates.

    Instead of buying infrastructure, i corp tries to identify competitive trends, and invests in sports teams. they have established connections with the owners and share holders, and, have identified with them that fans come and go, players come and go, managers come and go, but assets like stadiums remain and brand power, even for being infamous, remain and linger on the tongue.

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