If you believe the 'sky' is going to 'fall' it's going to fall

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    Since Skyfall (James Bond movie) you 'hear' (read) more and more people saying that the 'sky' is going to 'fall', they say something like; 'oh no!, the sky is really gonna fall!' (with expression marks, with emotion)

    So more and more people copycat this 'skyfall' believe (emotion), and the result is that the 'sky' is going to 'fall' (even if it wasn't 'falling' at all)

    Because by copycatting emotion it spreads more and more through society, an a 'skyfall' increases. Means; level of emotion go up in more and more reader (that are unnoticed becoming copycatters)

    The result is that all (new) believers start to band together more and more, means a stronger hierarchy (is an hidden process) And when this new hierarchy is growing too big, a nation can start to 'fall' (fall means a majority that is now part of this new (hidden) hierarchy) North Korea has the strongest hierarchy (high emotional level in large amount of population)

    What is needed is a 'hellfall' ('skyfall' actually means the opposite, 'hellrise'), because when the dominating system end to exist, society stays free (the 'hell' can only 'fall' by lowering the emotional level in a majority of a population, and when emotions are low nothing historical will happen, but if emotions are high a lot can happen)

    High emotion is power and ultra high emotion is war, normal or common emotion is freedom.
    But you don't know what normal emotional level means any longer, because a majority could have the same level of emotion after years of influence by mainly television (this is the North Korean situation, most North Koreans don't know how real freedom feels, but when they are freed one day (diplomats are working on it) their emotional level goes up (a moment of euphorism, liberation day... but not for long if they don't watch out), and that is the moment when the next dominators can take over positions in hierachy (you can predict what for system that will be, ofcourse 'democracy')
    If people's mind is no longer exposed to movies, media and politics, emotional level starts to drop (slowly toward real freedom is safer than a rapid emotional process)
    Rapid emotional processes are the historical ones (never lead to real freedom, always some sort of pseudo freedom or dictatorship or some kind of military regime, like Egypt and Cuba)

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