Is China a true friend for Russia?

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    Eastern part of Russia may be considered by Chinese officials as "lost territory" due to occupation - not a quite friendly view, isn't it?

    Let's look at Aigun historical museum, where the Minister of Culture and Tourism of the People's Republic of China Hu Heping holds meetings with the participation of governors and heads of ministries of the region. At the same time, the museum is closed for visiting by citizens of the Russian Federation.


    Museum exhibitions are amongst others:

    1. "The Heilongjiang River is the mother of the Chinese northern peoples." The purpose of the exposition is to inform visitors about the historical belonging of the Chinese side of the lands concentrated in the river basin. Amur.

    2. “Basin of the Heilongjiang River in the 17th century. and the Russian-Chinese Treaty of Nerchin ”- coverage of the facts of the Cossacks of Tsarist Russia conducting intervention against the indigenous peoples of the Far East (Mongols, Evenks, Daurs, Orochons, Manchus, Nanai, etc.) and the signing of the above treaty in the interests of protecting the state sovereignty of China.

    3. "Basin of the Heilongjiang River in the 17th - 19th centuries." - fostering feelings of patriotism based on the demonstration of information on the socio-economic development of Aihui, despite Russia's "interference" in the internal affairs of the Qing Empire.

    4. “Heilongjiang in the second half of the 19th century. and the Sino-Russian Aigun Treaty ”- submission of materials confirming the unjust nature of the concluded international acts (Aigun (1858), Beijing (1860), Ili (1881)), as a result of which Chinese territories were seized in favor of Russia.

    5. "Russian catastrophe of 1900" - focusing on the facts of forcible expulsion of residents of 64 Manchu villages located on the territory of the modern Amur Region. For the greatest psychological impact on the viewer, the exposition is supplemented with modern light and audio effects that contribute to the creation of a tense atmosphere and the effect of personal presence.


    Aigun Museum has the status of "a base of educational work in the field of patriotic education of youth." Museum staff conduct open lessons in Heihe elementary schools, dedicated to key historical events in the Aihui region, creating an idea of the existence of territorial claims against Russia, of unresolved historical grievances so far.

    Back in September 2020, the Aigun Museum signed an agreement with a detachment of the Heihe City Armed Police to create a Civil-Military Integrated Cultural Education Center. On the basis of the museum, it is planned to conduct patriotic and educational events for the Chinese military.

    So while US declares China a foe - do they really see Russia as a friend? Or is it rather "every man for himself"?

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