Ivermectin Appears To Be Working Wonders

Discussion in 'Coronavirus Pandemic Discussions' started by gfm7175, Oct 8, 2021.

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    First off, anyone who refers to (and immediately dismisses) ivermectin as "horse dewormer" or "horse worm meds" is a person who has unfortunately outsourced his/her thinking to manipulative liars such as the mainstream media news.

    With that said, let's now do a "deep dive" into the data being presented to us:

    Let's take a look at the COVID case numbers in certain parts of India, specifically Uttar Pradesh and Delhi. You will first notice that both of them had a huge upward spike in COVID cases starting at the beginning of April of this year and continuing to spike until the end of April. You will then notice that both of them had a huge corresponding DOWNWARD SLIDE from the beginning of May until the end of May. You will then notice that both of them, since the beginning of June (and through today) have been all but "COVID-free" (very few isolated cases) and have effectively "flat lined" near zero with regard to COVID cases.

    Now let's take a look at case numbers in another part of India called Kerala. All the way up until the beginning of April, their numbers were quite similar to Uttar Pradesh and Delhi. Through the month of April, they experienced the same upward spike in cases that Uttar Pradesh and Delhi did. During May, their numbers came down similarly to Uttar Pradesh and Delhi (but not a corresponding decrease, meaning that it was not as sharp of a decrease as the increase was). Then in June through today, the cases in Kerala did not effectively reach zero (near zero) like Uttar Pradesh and Delhi did, but they instead increased for months before now coming back down to where they were at the lowest part of the decrease, but are still nowhere near as low as Uttar Pradesh and Delhi are.

    The former USA, in comparison, is different from all of them in regard that the increases and decreases are much wider-spread instead of squished in (meaning that it takes much longer for cases to increase and decrease). The former USA's chart is most similar to Kerala's chart though.

    Before summarizing the differences in approach, let me first list out the populations of each area and then compare some data such as the seven day moving averages of "peak cases" and "current cases", ivermectin usage, and then compare India's vaccination rates to the former USA's vaccination rates:

    DELHI: ~30 million
    (~25k cases at end of April peak, ~30 cases at end of September)
    (widespread usage of ivermectin, not as aggressively as Uttar Pradesh though)
    Cases have been under 1,000 since the beginning of June and under 100 since early-July.

    KERALA: ~35 million
    (~38k cases at mid-May peak, ~15k cases at end of September)
    (Initially offered limited ivermectin usage as a late treatment, then stopped ivermectin usage altogether at the beginning of August)
    Cases have never been under ~11k, let alone under 1,000 or under 100.

    UTTAR PRADESH: ~240 million
    (~35k cases at end of April peak, ~15 cases at end of September)
    (widespread prophylactic and therapeutic usage of ivermectin)
    Cases have been under 1,000 since a bit into June and under 100 since mid-July.

    FORMER USA: ~330 million
    (~254k cases at early-January peak, ~13k cases at early-June, ~110k cases at end of September)
    (Government is opposed to ivermectin usage. Very low ivermectin usage because it has been quite difficult to get a prescription for it and/or getting a pharmacy to fill it. A number of people have thus resorted to keeping the horse dewormer version of it on stock).
    Cases have never been under ~11k, let alone under 1,000 or under 100.

    (~2% "fully vaccinated" at end of April peak, ~17% "fully vaccinated" at end of September)

    (~0% "fully vaccinated" at early-January peak, ~43% "fully vaccinated" at early-June, ~56% "fully vaccinated" at end of September)

    It appears to me that aggressive usage of ivermectin (both prophylactically and therapeutically) has made a huge difference and has been largely successful... Meanwhile, the "JUST GET THE ****ING JAB, OR ELSE!!!!" approach has made little/no difference and has largely been a complete failure.

    **** Joe Biden.
    **** tyranny.
    **** the Democrat Party.
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    The way the media and powers that be have treated Ivermectin illustrates clearly how false that claim is that this is all about public health.

    It's not about public health, it is about control, money and power, and that includes apparently an effort to reduce the human population.
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