judge blocks Trump's health insurance rule for immigrants

Discussion in 'Immigration' started by kazenatsu, Nov 17, 2019.

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    A federal judge in Portland, Oregon, on Saturday put on hold a Trump administration rule requiring immigrants prove they will have health insurance or can pay for medical care before they can get visas. U.S. District Judge Michael Simon granted a temporary restraining order that prevents the rule from going into effect Sunday. It's not clear when he will rule on the merits of the case.
    Seven U.S. citizens and a nonprofit organization filed the federal lawsuit Wednesday contending the rule would block nearly two-thirds of all prospective legal immigrants.
    The lawsuit also said the rule would greatly reduce or eliminate the number of immigrants who enter the United States with family sponsored visas.

    Oh well, it was a good idea, but maybe the President by himself didn't have the proper legal basis to implement it.

    It's interesting the article suggest that two-thirds of all legal immigrants wouldn't be able to afford health insurance and would be blocked from coming into the US if this rule went into effect.

    Question: If they're not earning enough money for health insurance, who pays when they go to the emergency room?

    And the Left was so in favor of forcing Americans to have health insurance. Why the big problem about making immigrants have health insurance? So much irony there.
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    It's just a temporary order. It's not over.

    My wife came here on a fiancé visa. That was 20 years ago. I'm trying to remember if I was able to add her to my policy immediately or if my employer's health insurance provider made me wait. I can't remember.

    With that said, it's fair to require immigrants to have health insurance. After all, didn't Obama require all Americans to have health insurance or be fined?
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