Kirsten Dunst attacked for her beliefs in gender roles

Discussion in 'Women's Rights' started by Mushroom, Apr 8, 2014.

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    I was listening to the radio earlier today, and heard an amazing blast at actress Kirsten Dunst on a statement she made in an interview just published in Harper's Bazaar. And what was it she said?

    Kirsten Dunst is Bazaar's May cover star :: Harper's BAZAAR

    And apparently the feminists are going crazy because of this.

    Kirsten Dunst Thinks Ladies In Relationships Should Wife the (*)(*)(*)(*) Out

    Kirsten Dunst's Take On Gender Is Traditional And Maybe Homophobic

    Kirsten Dunst Deserves Backlash Over Obnoxious Gender Comments | The Stir

    Now maybe I am wrong, but I thought a giant part of "feminism" was allowing women to make up their own minds what they want their role to be? And if she wants to be a CEO or banker or racecar driver, that is their right. But should they not also simply be mothers and spouses if that is their choice as well?

    It seems to me that to a lot of feminists, a woman is only allowed to be what they tell them to be.

    And I find that sad to be honest. And I find lambasting her for giving her own opinion to be petty and ultimately demeans them in my eyes.

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