Lashing, torture and threats: Hamas and Fatah are acting against the opponents

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    The PA and Hamas security forces routinely use torture and arbitrary arrests to try to suppress dissidents, protesters, and political enemies. According to a Human Rights Watch report.
    Among the methods used by the Palestinian security forces were beating the detainees 'legs, pushing the detainees into physically hard positions, confiscating mobile phones, keeping open charges against the detainees, and putting pressure on detainees until they stopped their criticism and tied the detainees' hands behind their backs.
    The organization also said that the actions of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, which included the systematic use of torture, could be considered crimes against humanity under the UN Convention Against Torture, signed by the Palestinian Authority.
    The United States is a supporter of the Palestinian Authority's security forces and provides them with millions of dollars despite the extensive reduction in funding to the PA. The report states that the economic aid to Hamas' security forces comes from Iran, Turkey and Qatar.

    Nothing new under the sun.
    And to all you pro Palesh-tinian supporters .. I say - If you really cared about your Palestinian brothers, you would attack Hamas and not Israel.
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