Managing traffic better - less gridlock.

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    This is a problem that plagues every city in the world, gridlock. if there were to be less lanes leading into a city, there would be less waiting at the end of the line, as they get into the city, because, it will be a case of one person per line in the lane, where, the crush of two or three cars trying to take the circle is avoided. this is true for a single lane with more shoulders too, so, if there are three lanes, and the centre one is reserved for public transport, with the two on each side leading into the city centre, with each of those two having a shoulder right at the end, then there will be less of a crush leading in. obviously, the further along you put the road shoulders, well, observe a balloon, the air comes out as quickly as the exit point is wide, not the centre of the balloon - that is maximized completely, yes? conversely, if the balloon had a thinner main body it would come out in total quicker too, yes?

    Also, if you were to make the areas around town centres bigger road wise - you get rid of all the factories that scatter around, abandoned so - you could build more tributaries leading into the city - not on top of one another forming a solid heavy balloon line, but real side lanes leading to different entry points to the city, decongesting traffic on one place and spreading it around.

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