More Fear Mongering or Is This Happening??

Discussion in 'Finance' started by joyce martino, Sep 19, 2022.

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    Over the weekend I posted a very important short podcast revealing new intel about how banks are desperately trying to prevent people from withdrawing their own money.

    We have learned that banks are preparing for massive "bail-ins" which means they confiscate consumer deposits in order to keep themselves solvent, essentially converting deposits into "investments" in the bank, while restricting your ability to withdraw funds or to even send wire transfers. This is coming for many banks beginning with the next financial crisis.

    Hear that full podcast here.

    Meanwhile, Germany is preparing for widespread blackouts, Israel has been caught covering up vaccine injuries, and the USDA is trying to throw an Amish farmer in prison for selling raw milk. The governments of the world are out of control and have fully plunged into tyranny.

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