Mr. Trump you are a patriot...

Discussion in 'Political Opinions & Beliefs' started by CanadianEye, Jul 8, 2016.

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    However, please stand down sir.

    The animals and their handlers are in complete control of your country.

    They sent you a message yesterday evening.

    You will be killed. The Dems and their followers obviously are doing whatever it takes to stop any of even the pretend freedoms that were left in America.

    The left craved and created a banana republic, and it has arrived.

    Step away Mr. Trump. Please. Think of your family sir, and all the roof tops and buildings in your travels.

    You have not been wrong. It is a rigged game. HIllary has been cleared, and you will not be allowed to win, so, why forfeit your life or risk any of your beautiful patriotic family members lives?

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