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    Figured I'd post this here for record.

    Been debating with many of you for years and wanted to create a thread to share my beliefs and for you guys to ask any questions you have.

    1. I am a former registered Republican, now an Indy
    2. I am pro choice
    3. I am pro legalization of Pot and many other drugs
    4. I am pro SSM
    5. I am against the way the Obama administration handled Russia's meddling attempts for a year and a half
    6. Pro releasing the entier Mueller report
    7. I voted 3rd party in 2016 (see link below) but am likely voting Trump 2020
    8. All for improving health care but need some slack from the socialist Sanders' ways and the Tea Party ways
    9. I believe the silent majority will hold a big part of the election. You'd be surprised how many counties in the north are pro Trump
    10. Believe we should get the hell out of Iraq and Afghn and let their neighbors deal with it. Neither of those countries want us there anyway...I've been there unfortunately
    11. There is no "Chelsea" manning, it's Pvt. Bradley Manning...change my mind
    12. Trump has done well for the economy

    Any questions?

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