Palesh-tinian "president" plans anti-Hamas measures as split widens

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    Abbas mulling removing PA staff from Israel-Gaza crossings, cutting salaries to families of Hamas prisoners or rescinding Palestinian passports for Hamas employees; 'Those that want to rule Gaza must bear the responsibility of governing it,' says PA official.
    he decade-long Palestinian split looks set to deepen in the coming months, with president Mahmoud Abbas poised to take multiple measures against the Gaza Strip to squeeze its Islamist rulers Hamas.
    The moves raise concerns of more suffering for Gaza's two million residents, already under an Israeli blockade and facing severe electricity shortages, while a cornered Hamas could renew violence against Israel.
    Analysts say the measures will also widen the gap between Hamas-run Gaza and the West Bank, where Abbas's government has limited self-rule.,7340,L-5445853,00.html

    Who are the real enemies of the Palesh-tinians ? - Their leaders !!

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