Pedo Deep State is Going Down. Where Are These Thousand Missing Kids a Year?

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    Pedo Deep State is Going Down. Where Are These Thousand Missing Kids a Year?

    It's a hell of a time to be alive. RFK Jr. saying his uncle the president was killed by "rogue CIA," on the Charlie Rose Show, falling in the media with a dull thud. Think of that: One of the closest living relatives of the president who would have changed American history, not least by pulling out of Vietnam, says it was an inside job, and there is more coverage of some football player's blowjob. 58,000 men would have gone on to live productive lives, raising their sons right, rather than those sons become victims of fatherless ghetto or poor white families. Of course the defining trait of those boys who went to Vietnam was that: they were poor.

    It should be at the top of the New York Times and every other paper, the country's entire recent history is a lie, Jack's nephew says, and we have been controlled by an internal coup faction with veto power over the direction of the nation. Jack was talking about peace and ending the Cold War just before he was murdered in front of us. Not just peace in our time, but "for all time." He was about to withdraw from Vietnam, according to his own Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara.

    An entire military-industrial complex might never have been built, a machine which sucks out one of every two discretionary dollars every year of US federal spending. That money might have been available for all these years to maintain bridges, expand mass transit, give every worker years of free training, make college free, and retire the US debt for the soundest currency in the world.

    The military-industrial complex, remember, is exactly what President Eisenhower warned us about in his Farewell Speech. Ike was trying to tell us something, as best he could without risking his own life.

    "Rogue CIA" means George HW Bush, a confirmed CIA operative at the time JFK was gunned down and in Dallas that day though he says he can't remember where he was. Who can't remember where they were on the day JFK was shot? Especially a national security government agent? So George is lying. And if he's lying, then the picture of what looks like him in Dallas that day, looking relaxed and joking with the cops, is really him.

    The best book to read to understand Bush's role in the JFK shooting is Russ Baker's "Family of Secrets," praised by no less than Bill Moyers. It turns out that Lee Harvey Oswald's US handler, George DeMohrenschildt, was an uncle of Bush’s Andover roommate. DeMohrenschildt wrote a letter to Bush when Bush was director of the CIA in 1976, as the House Committee on Assassinations got down to business. In that letter, DeMohrenschildt pleaded with Poppy, the elder Bush's nickname, to "remove a web" of harassment that had been plaguing him since he was to become a witness before the Committee. He soon after wound up eating a shotgun, before he could testify.

    To show he had no problem with the "rogue" part, Poppy was vice president under Reagan when Oliver North set up shop in the basement of the vice president's office to crank up Iran-Contra, a Black Box operation to supply some of the world's worst murderers and rapists with guns and money, in direct contravention to American law, the Boland Amendment. The Boland Amendment did not prohibit aid to any old bunch of thugs. It specifically named the Nicaraguan Contras. Deep State Poppy didn't care.

    The media is falling all over itself not saying what Bobby Jr. said, even when they report that he said something. They won't say the words "rogue CIA." Old Charlie Rose pretended he didn't hear it and quickly changed the subject.

    The Big Lies seem to be going down all over. Knock me over with a feather, now even Newsweek admits a fact that may mean Dzhokhar Tsarnaev of the Boston bombing is innocent. It is as simple as the difference between black and white, literally. Newsweek admits that the backpack Dzhokhar was carrying was white, while the one carried by the man they were looking for was black.

    The staggering news is that Newsweek reported it. All those years of elaborately framing up this young man, and they couldn't get the color of the backpack right? To long-time conspiracy theorists the shocker was not that rogue factions of the government were setting up false flags. The shocker was that now they were so sloppy they obviously didn't care who knew it.

    All you need is 20 to 30 percent of the sheep bleating bah before the herd breaks. The Deep State knows its ****.

    The Deep State has always leaned to pedophiles. We have known that since the suppressed Discovery Channel documentary Conspiracy of Silence. Just before the film was to be aired in 1994, Discovery suddenly pulled it and an anonymous party bought up all known copies. Now that's power.

    In a nutshell Conspiracy showed that our government and elites are shot through with pedophiles. The most despicable scum of the Earth. They get away with it because they can order law enforcement to look the other way. Does that include FBI? Not only does it, rogue FBI actively squashed the Franklin Scandal investigation, which the movie is about. The worst of them are in the FBI.

    Conspiracy of Silence

    But that doesn't mean there aren't white hats, the name given to the good guys in the government who are held in check by the bad guys, the black hats. If there were even an occasional shoot-out inside the halls of the Pentagon or the Hoover Building, we would never know about it. We are talking about life sentences and billions of dollars on the table in this game. This is deadly serious.

    There is even speculation that a counter-coup to the Deep State might have been in progress in 2003, when a rocket attack in Baghdad nearly killed Paul Wolfowitz, Deputy Secretary of Defense, Project for a New American Century signatory, architect of the Iraq War, and likely 9/11 criminal.

    The rockets came within a hair's breadth of whacking Wolfowitz, hitting almost the exact room of the giant Al Rashid Hotel in the Green Zone. The catch is, no one except Americans even knew Wolfy was in town. His visit was a closely guarded secret. Only an American would have known which floor and room to hit. The attacked was so close it killed one of Wolfy's colonels.

    But, like Hitler, the bad guy survives the white hat attack. These guys are satanically lucky. The counter-coup is called off.

    Along comes Pizzagate, which promises to show that pedophilia is nonpartisan, and a picture emerges of a stinking Babylon of a national capitol so toxic it is a miracle the flowers don't wilt.

    It's all coming down. Follow the money. What is the most gargantuan, corrupt racket in modern history, dwarfing even drugs and human trafficking? Why of course the "defense" budget. Who profits most from the defense budget? A handful of corporations led by Lockheed-Martin, Raytheon, General Dynamics, and a few others. Who owns the biggest stakes in these companies? The same names come up: BlackRock, State Street, Bank of America. What kind of tidbits do you come up with when you pierce the corporate veils, and look for names? Well...

    The president of Blackrock is Larry Fink. What do we know about Larry Fink? Well, according to Counterpunch, in Whose Afraid of Larry Fink?:

    In 2013, BlackRock hired to its board of directors Cheryl Mills, a “longtime confidant and counselor to former secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton.” Mills was chief of staff to Clinton at the State Department, and was “among the inner circle of advisers helping Clinton chart her plans for the future.”
    Cheryl Mills sounds familiar. Oh yes, she is the Hillary aide whose name keeps popping up in the Hillary Clinton and Podesta Wikileaked emails, including the one about taking a chicken out back and making a sacrifice to Moloch, the ancient child sacrifice god. It was just a manner of speaking of course. But a mighty peculiar one to some folks.

    Who else is in those emails? Well, there's a Lewis Anselem, a holdover from the Bush administration who transitioned to the Obama White House, who specializes in covering up rape and torture in Central America. Nice gang of people we've got shaping up here. And after just five minutes of Googling.

    Remember, Hillary slam-dunk helped a convicted child trafficker out of a jail sentence in Haiti. Against State Department policy. Now why would Hillary insert herself into something like that?

    As if it couldn't get any juicier, now it comes out that Robert Mueller at the FBI was the one who protected child rapist billionaire Jeffrey Epsteinfrom a guaranteed life sentence, a deal so foul that a Palm Beach police chief screamed bloody murder in protest. Starting to see a pattern here?

    RFK Jr. said it. "Rogue." Rogue CIA, rogue FBI, rogue Pentagon. It's not every person in the US government that's "in on it." It just a few criminals everyone else is afraid of. Then there is the matter of thousands of Pentagon computers suspected of harboring child porn,, which at first might seem an argument for even more pedophiles. But what kind of DoD worker would use a work computer in the most heavily monitored, secured network in the world? Wouldn't it make more sense to do this on your home computer, if this is the kind of sick stuff that turned you on? Maybe it's there for blackmail. If we say we found it, you put it there. The Deep State is where nothing is as it appears.

    Adult porn no one would care about.

    But things like that change real fast. Once bullies are stood up to, and rats begin to jump ship. We should have an interesting few years coming up. People are understanding that everything they have been told is a lie, including about 9/11. RFK Jr. has bravely broken his silence. Let's listen to him. Then maybe, just maybe, we'll learn what has been happening to these 1,000 a year missing, stranger- abducted kids. A disproportionate number of whom come from, wouldn't you know it, Fairfax County and Maryland, doorsteps to Babylon.

    It is said to heed the cries of the children, in the Bible and almost any other ancient holy tradition. Much will be forgiven. But tremble lest ye failed to answer the cries of the children.

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    Just look at the folks screaming the loudest.

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