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    Today we come across a plethora of different descriptors for people in politics which seems to confuse the person true stance on issues. I tend to lean Anarchist Libertarian which means I want the federal government out of my life for everything except infrastructure, defense of the country and protecting my liberty and freedom.

    My favorite names that confuse with my definition following.

    Conservatve - someone that wants small federal government.
    A. Fiscal conservative - wants less spending, less taxation
    B. Social Conservatve - wants federal government to stay out of deciding social issues, believes that defending freedom and liberty is their job.

    Republican - Belief that the order of importance is God as umbrella to the country, the country is the umbrella to its citizens, we all are Americans, and have melted together to form the greatest country on earth. This group includes...
    A. Fiscally and socially conservative
    B. Fiscally Conservatve and Socially Liberal
    C. Rhino - someone that believes that conservatism is best for the country, promises it while running for office but lacks testicular fortitude to fight for it.

    Democrat - the democrat of JFK was exactly the same as my description of Republicans. The party now has changed and seems to have many groups.
    A. Liberal - belief that the government can fix everything
    B. Socialist - the belief that the individual can't be trusted to make decisions so the government needs to act like a nanny.
    C. Progressive - see Socialist but add in a hatred for everything American, a hatred of Israel and a desire to see Americs role in the world diminished. Also afraid to admit that they are Socialist, believes in identity politics and reducing people to sub groups.

    Looking forward to your definitions
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    Nice thread, well written. Thanks for making it. However -

    under Republican, there is a misnomer: Republicans claim to be fiscally and socially conservative, but when it comes to military spending, they are the first to snuggle up to the gubbermint teat. And in terms of social issues, no amount of money is too much for them to put forth an anti-gay, anti-choice platform, even if it costs us taxpayer dollars.

    I disagree with your general description of "Liberal" - a classical Liberal is nothing like that at all.
    Also, your definition for "Socialist" is actually that of a "Communist", but they are not the same. Socialist believe in more equal distribution of wealth. Socialism is an ECONOMIC ideology. Communism seeks to use dictatorial means to get socialism the way they like it. Now, THAT's a political ideology.
    I strongly take issue with your definition of Progressive, especially the "hatred of Israel" part.

    I think it is a little more complex than this.

    And you forgot to mention that American Conservatives have a battle to fight with the (earned) image of extreme zenophobia, homophobia, racism and bigotry quite literally ruining their ranks. Until American Conservatives learn to be more inclusive and actually become color-blind (they are not), then I don't see much hope for the extreme Right.

    Those were my two cents. Don't spend them all in one place.


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