RIP Arnold Palmer

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    Golf’s most beloved figure, Arnold Palmer, dies at 87

    Arnold Palmer, a seven-time major winner who brought golf to the masses and became the most beloved figure in the game, died Sunday, a source close to the family confirmed to Golfweek. He was 87.

    Reaction poured in from “Arnie’s Army” of admirers in the world of golf.

    “We loved him with a mythic American joy,” said Palmer biographer James Dodson. “He represented everything that is great about golf. The friendship, the fellowship, the laughter, the impossibility of golf, the sudden rapture moment that brings you back, a moment that you never forget, that’s Arnold Palmer in spades. He’s the defining figure in golf.”

    No one did more to popularize the sport than Palmer. His dashing presence singlehandedly took golf out of the country clubs and into the mainstream. Quite simply, he made golf cool.

    RIP big guy
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    Just heading to the golf course for my morning round right now...and wanted first to say good-bye to the man who brought golf out of the country clubs...and into the common man sphere.

    Great, great golfer...and even greater human being.

    We golfers all knew the sad moment was coming soon when he could not hit the ceremonial first shot at the Masters this year...but it still comes too soon.

    RIP Arnie.

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