Scary fact for Conservative Republicans: Population Densities of Democrat Areas

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    I hear a lot of conservative Republicans say things like "I don't care what happens in Democrat areas, it's not in my state", or "If you look on a map most areas of the country vote Republican."

    Well here is a scary fact for conservative Republicans to consider.
    And there is one very clear way of illustrating the issue.

    Do an internet search for "Los Angeles county has more population than these states, map".
    92ajib6aw0001.jpg (960×606) (


    The single county of Los Angeles (color red on the map), in California, has a larger number of population living there than each of 43 states (in blue on the map).

    And Los Angeles is certainly not the only high population density Democrat area.

    Realizing this will change the way you think about the political balance. And for you conservative Republicans, maybe you will realize that what goes on in Democrat areas CAN and WILL very much affect you.

    If even a small percentage of the population in California spilled out into other states, it could easily overwhelm other states and be like a tidal wave. (And indeed, this has already been happening)

    Conservatives are ignorant and naive if they ignore this.
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