Side Of River

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    We'll run to the side of the river
    In the morning at five o'clock
    We'll hold each other and shiver
    And run out to the rock

    We'll take off our shirts together
    And hold each other undressed
    Around us the birds will gather
    And in our love build a nest

    We'll put our heads together
    And watch, as the speedy stream
    Is dressed in every color
    And turns into a dream -

    The pink cloud of the sun rising
    Engulfs our minds and hearts
    And makes them warm and wise and
    With all of nature, smart -

    The delicacy of existence
    Ephemerality of life
    Will penetrate with no resistance
    And pierce into us like a knife -

    The tenderness of our passion
    And elegance of your mind
    In English, in French, in Russian
    Will hold us intertwined

    Poems will fly around us
    As music us enslaves -
    Cosmic opera astounds us
    And mingle with the waves -

    The works of Bethoven, Chopin,
    Blake, Wordsworth, Shakespeare and Keats
    Will our minds and hearts open
    And feed them spiritual sweets -

    And fired by our desires,
    Together, as in a dream,
    We'll blend into the sunrise
    And like the sun we will beam.

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