Sixteen years after 9/11, the American public deserves answers, not secrecy

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    RE: Sixteen years after 9/11, the American public deserves answers, not secrecy
    ※→ Bob0627, et al,



    Conspiracy Theorists are in the same family as scam artists, fake psychics, astrology frauds, tarot card readers, a purveyors of magic potions and talisman, a peddler of rune stones, and a hawker of amulets.


    There is no relationship between the family of Conspiracy Theorists → and that of → (as an example) Counterintelligence Agents, Counter-terrorism Officers, Intelligence Analysts, Special Operations Operators and Risk Assessment Technicians. The group of Law Enforcement Officers, Agents and Officers of the Court.

    Conspiracy Theorist are, by no stretch of the imagination, are on the same plateau as those that follow investigative techniques and intelligence/CI methods of operations. Where the professional uses forensic procedures and latent spectral technology, most Conspiracy Theorist use second and third hand information that based on questions.


    I would not waste the bandwidth when there are already many presentations that debunk the Conspiracy Theorists; especially on the issues on the events of 9/11.

    Now --- is every question answered that can possibly be answered? Probably not. I never ran an investigation in which all possibilities were explored. The resources available today were not available 15 years ago. It is also important to remember that in most every significant investigation, there is a threshold that will remain in the shadows for a very long time. There are several categories of this information that usually include (not limited to):

    • Information that the disclosure of which could extremely damage US or Allied political positions; possibly a trigger for armed conflict.
    • Information that might compromise weaknesses or vulnerabilities in critical infrastructure.
    • Failures of internal security --- detection and neutralization operations.
    • Protection of sources and methods.​

    Answers to your questions are found with the in-depth investigation of the conspiracy theories surround the attacks of 9/11, which was published in the March 2005 issue of Popular Mechanics.

    (The Real Truth - Why Conspiracy Theories?)

    Believe what you will.

    Most Respectfully,
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    Yes that's correct, drivel.

    You are of course posting absurd contradictory claims, the professions you claim and conspiracy theorists are mostly one and the same.

    But here you are "wasting the bandwidth" with utter nonsense.

    Well said and I agree. For example, you omitted/ignored/failed to account for any and all possibility the US government LIED about 9/11, that couldn't be any more obvious.

    That's correct too. So 15 years later the overwhelming evidence proves beyond the shadow of any doubt that the US government not only LIED about 9/11 but failed to legitimately investigate it and covered it up. And your posts clearly show you either haven't reviewed any of it or dismissed all the incontrovertible evidence as "conspiracy theory" as you've apparently been thoroughly indoctrinated to do so.

    PM has NO ANSWERS to any of my questions regarding 9/11, never mind anything "in-depth". They may answer YOUR questions to your liking but certainly none of mine, speak for yourself, you don't speak for me. Their clear objective was to ridicule those who question/contradict the official conspiracy theory as "conspiracy theorists" while promoting the Official CONSPIRACY THEORY. It couldn't be any more hypocritical just as you show to be.

    And you show you're still in denial of the facts.

    Of course, same as everyone, duh!
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    The burning Bush's immaculate conception to play "man is God" in supposedly being greater than any old testament story of a talking bush......

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