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Discussion in 'Media & Commentators' started by Le Chef, Jan 19, 2022.

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    Have you guys checked out Spectrum News? I like it very much. It started opening up automatically when I turned on the TV, after I switched cable carriers from Verizon to Spectrum.

    The news casters don't make ugly or sarcastic faces or roll their eyes -- there's a kind of "Up With People" vibe -- and I havve found them to be straightforward with no talking heads to tell me what someone said meant when they said one thing or the other, nor do the tell me Republicans are racists or that Democrats are communists.

    I checked with a media checker which I respect, and they agree and put Spectrum as counting among the "Least Biased"of sources, along with CBS Philly and Gallup. I was surprised not to see CBS Radio on the list, which is my favorite news source and brings nothing but facts, no opinion.


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