Supreme Court deals Biden climate agenda serious blow with EPA decision

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    The Supreme Court reins in this rogue unaccountable administration agency of power mad staff pukes.

    "The Constitution provides for three branches of government, sharing sovereign power. In fact, we have a fourth branch, the sprawling administrative bureaucracies. They are nominally part of the Executive Branch, which struggles to control them. Congress struggles, too, and now spends much of its time trying to oversee them. The oversight is spotty and the bureaucracies are often left to their own devices, free to write their own rules on even the most important issues."

    They are rogue.

    "Last week’s Supreme Court decision took an important step to rein in these bureaucracies. It ruled the regulations for carbon dioxide emissions, written and enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency, went well beyond the vague laws passed by Congress."

    Congress has been passing the buck rather than stepping up for We The People.
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