Survey shows popularity of Boxing and UFC

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    The Sports Business Journal reported on an annual survey which tracked the habits of avid fans of boxing, MMA and professional wrestling. The Scarborough survey polled more than 200,000 residents over the age of 18 in 77 of the country’s biggest markets to find out how avid fans are to their particular sport.

    The survey determined that of the 48.4% of the U.S. male population, the UFC (74.6% of males polled) is most popular of the three sports among males with boxing a close second (72.4%) and then WWE (62.8%). However, women (52.6% of the female population) preferred boxing over the UFC with the WWE third.

    The UFC with 48.5% stated they attended college.

    More boxing fans attended post-graduate school and/or received a post-graduate degree than both the UFC or WWE fans.

    Spanish/Hispanics favor boxing over the WWE and the UFC.
    African Americans favor the UFC the least over the three combat sports.

    18% of UFC fans have household incomes between $100,000 and $249,000.
    The bulk of its fans, 81%, make between $25,000 and $34,999.

    According to the Scarborough survey, 5.3% of the U.S. population indicated that they are avid fans of boxing. 5.1% are avid UFC fans while 3.7% are WWE fans.

    Top 3 Markets for the UFC

    1) Honolulu, Hawaii

    2) Bakersfield, California,

    3) El Paso, Texas

    Las Vegas ranked 9th for the UFC and 8th in Boxing. El Paso also ranked second in Boxing markets.

    Harlingen-McAllen, Texas ranked first as the top Boxing market and second in WWE’s top market. Little Rock, Arkansas ranked first as the WWE’s top market.

    The majority of the more than 300 million people currently living in the United States consists of White Americans. The United States Census Bureau defines White people as those "having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa."

    The non-Hispanic White percentage (63% in 2012) tends to decrease every year, and this sub-group is expected to become a plurality of the overall U.S. population after the year 2043. White Americans overall (non-Hispanic Whites together with White Hispanics) are projected to continue as the majority, at 73.1% (or 303 million out of 420 million) in 2050, from currently 77.1%.

    According to the 2009 American Community Survey, there were 38,093,725 Black and African Americans in the United States, representing 12.4% of the population.
    Black and African Americans make up the second largest group in the United States, but the third largest group after White Americans and Hispanic or Latino Americans (of any race)

    The Asian American population, comprises o 19.4 million in 2013, or 6.0% of the U.S. population.

    Self-identified multiracial Americans numbered 7.0 million in 2008, or 2.3% of the population. They have identified as any combination of races (White, Black or African American, Asian, American Indian or Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, "some other race") and ethnicities.

    According to the Arab American Institute (AAI), countries of origin for Arab Americans include Algeria, Bahrain, Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya,Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

    The United States Census Bureau also classifies Americans as "Hispanic or Latino" and "Not Hispanic or Latino"

    Non-Hispanic whites are a subcategory of white Americans, the other being white Hispanic and Latino Americans.

    Although generally all nations in Europe have contributed to the white population through emigration to Northern America in the last few centuries, the majority of [non-Hispanic whites] trace their origins to Northwestern Europe while other major sources originate in Southern and Eastern Europe; German, Irish, and English ancestries are the most common.

    White people is a racial classification specifier, used for people of Europid ancestry, with the exact implications dependent on context. The contemporary usage of "white people" or a "white race" as a large group of (mainly European) populations contrasting with "black", American Indian (sometimes called red), "colored" or non-white originated in the 17th century.

    In the United States, a white Hispanic is an American citizen or resident who is racially white and of Hispanic descent. The term white, itself an official U.S. racial category, refers to people "having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa".

    The term Hispanic (Spanish: hispano or hispánico) broadly refers to the people, nations, and cultures that have a historical link to Spain.

    Hispanic originally referred to the people of ancient Roman Hispania, which roughly comprised the Iberian Peninsula, including the contemporary states of Spain, Portugal,Andorra, and the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar.

    The Iberian Peninsula /aɪˈbɪəriən pəˈnɪnsjʊlə/, also known as Iberia /aɪˈbɪəriə/, is located in the southwest corner of Europe. The peninsula is principally divided between Portugal, Spain and Catalonia, comprising most of their territory. It also includesAndorra, and a small part of France along the peninsula's northeastern edge, as well as Gibraltar on its south coast, a small peninsula that forms an overseas territory of the United Kingdom. With an area of approximately 582,000 km2 (225,000 sq mi), it is the second largest European peninsula, after the Scandinavian.
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    The popularity of MMA has soared and Boxing has diminished. The UFC the first mma organization kept to themselves. they were not televised to the mass's many matchs were overseas not in the USA. Then came Bellatore MMA, they conversely decided to make MMA household by putting it on Public television free to view by all americans and now it is wildly popular. MMA has completely overshadowed boxing with just the big top brand fights getting attention. MMA is still growing and some predict it is the overwhelming combat sports entity and may in the near future overshadow some mainline sports.

    MMA is the only sport I watch

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