The Base of Business Pre 1984 Tax Cuts, and our new tax Legislation

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    These were the good ole days. Of course Good honest hard working heavy tax paying business didn't start that way. FDR made the changes needed. Even those changes had to have tweaks to prevent the RICH (who will do anything to keep their greed). Progressively he was able to take it back, but the WAR is what helped him the most.
    Thus, when we tax the rich this time, it needs to be mandated as such to stop all loopholes, period. A Progressive tax like you will hear about. Tax the RICH, not so much to the poor.

    There is NOBODY on this site that qualifies as RICH. A millionaire is not rich. A Billionaire is and he has too much money from the tax cuts he has received since the change during the Reagan Admin. Plain and simple, the working class has been pounded into submission via the tax laws that allow GREEDY type to run away with all the money.

    Trickle down did not work as we knew it wouldn't. There is always an excuse from the RICH, thru the right wing fascist that push for an even tax, it does not work and the excuses are OVER. Heard them all and have a LEGIT answer for all.
    The one they always come back with is, if they tax me higher and my worker less, I will just cut out the business, shut it down. Well, go ahead, someone else will pick it up. Or, when he is told he must pay a higher rate to each worker, again, I will raise my prices, go ahead ! The workers who are now making more money will start a business to compete with yours.

    All has been put out there and there is no legit reason to not tax the rich at a much higher rate. Dont be a working class fool and fall for their angles. They are at best misleading, and are put out there to you for your sympathy, as if the rich guy needs you to support him, you have been handing him money for 40 years now.

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