The Fate of Kevin Spacey

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    Does not look good.In fact it may be a situation of Life imitating
    art.Spacey demonstrating in - Swimming With Sharks - { 1994 } how
    NOT to be a boss." abusive,abrasive and cruel ".
    In - SeVen - { 1995 } just one year later he outdoes himself.About as
    devilishly cruel as mankind could ever realize in their worst dream.
    He plots and carries out this nightmare as if a day in the park.
    Probably how he carried out his many years of being a sexual predator.
    No question he has terrific acting chops.But so too did Errol Flynn who
    turned out to be the exact opposite of what he portrayed in his films.
    He was also a *sexual addict as well a noted druggie/alcoholic.
    Actually had a secret sexual dungeon underneath his mansion with
    a trap door.Like what you'd expect in a 60's Vincent Price flick.
    Had " tricked out his mansion with peepholes and 2-way mirrors.".
    Claimed ... : " I like my whisky old and my women young ".
    The drunken swashbuckler perv died young.From excess at age 50.
    In 6 months Spacey turns 60.

    Once boasting he had spent between 12,000 - 14,ooo nights having sex.
    Lost his virginity at age 12.
    But he had ALL Hollywood completely hoodwinked.Even Olivia de Havilland
    who turned 100 in 2016 and starred with Flynn,had nothing but praise for
    Flynn,many years later.Maybe she'll come clean.

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