The New White Supremacists: Hispanics

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    This article from Axios is funny, unintentionally so of course, since irony is rather dead on the left, but at least I enjoyed it.

    The rise of white nationalist Hispanics

    The big picture: Fuentes is part of a small but increasingly visible number of far-right provocateurs with Hispanic backgrounds who spread racist, antisemitic messages.

    Driving the news: Cuban American Enrique Tarrio, the former leader of the Proud Boys, a group the Anti-Defamation League calls an extremist group with a violent agenda, was arrested Tuesday and charged with conspiracy in connection to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

    What they're saying: Experts tell Axios far-right extremism within the Latino community stems from three sources: Hispanic Americans who identify as white; the spread of online misinformation; and lingering anti-Black, antisemitic views among U.S. Latinos that are rarely openly discussed.

    Oh well if experts are saying it...

    Let's look at these "three sources."

    "Hispanic Americans who identify as white" How exactly does identifying as white turn Hispanics into white supremacists? Should they not identify as white even if they are? I admit I don't follow the logic here.

    "the spread of online misinformation" Is this something that Hispanics are particularly susceptible to?

    "antisemitic views among U.S. Latinos" Polling has long shown that antisemitism is higher in Latin American countries; why I don't know, but it makes sense that if you spend decades importing people who are antisemitic, you are going to get more antisemitic people. Again, how that relates to white nationalism/supremacy I don't get. As our Muslim population increases, does that mean we will get more antisemitism in the US?



    I think this article is really about preparing the woke left to cool off thinking of Hispanics as naturally part of their coalition. If Hispanics turn more and more to the GOP (as Biden is inducing) I expect more think pieces like this to turn US Hispanics into the other, in the same way that the woke left both claims white women as part of their coalition and demonizes them.

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