The simple argument for abiogenesis.

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    I would posit that ALL the facts and empirical evidence available support the notion that abiogenesis of life as we know it occured. ALL the evidence available points to a deterministic universe that follows natural laws, and we know that life as we know it exists now and once did not exist in the universe.

    Therefore,abiogenesis occurred as a physical, deterministic process that violated no natural laws, just as much as every physical process that has ever occurred in the universe. And this aligns with ALL the empirical evidence ever gathered by mankind.

    Just as once there were no stars,and then stars formed via deterministic, physical process, so it must be of life as we know it. We did not distract ourselves by doubting the deterministic, physical genesis of stars and instead substituting magical ideas of magical creation for their genesis. So it should be of all physical systems, including life as we know it.
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