The Trial of Elliott Abrams

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    Elliott Abram's ranks right along with some of the worst mass murderers of the late 20th century. In the Reagan administration, Abrams served as Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights, helping in the management of the U.S. clandestine wars in Central America in the 1980s, where hundreds of the thousands of people were killed or disappeared by U.S. mercenary forces, trained, supplied, and directed, by U.S. advisers:

    Self incrimination which could be used against Mr. Abrams in a war crimes trial. Abrams justifies the policy on the grounds that it was about promoting "democracy" in the region. But as the Intercept headline reads:
    In 1993, after the UN Truth Commission on El Salvador reported that 85% of the human rights abuses were committed by the Armed Forces, Elliot Abrams described the results as a "fabulous acheivement":
    Particularly the success of US "democracy enhancement":

    The UN Truth Commission on El Salvador attributed the bulk of the large scale massacres to the Atlacatl Battalion. The
    Atlacatl was described by The New York Times as "the pride of the United States military team in San Salvador."[3]

    In September 2018, the Guatemalan court ruled that Guatemala's genocide was carried out in accordance with U.S. policy. Chief Judge Castellanos:
    In March 1983, Elliott Abrams went on national television to defend U.S. support for the Guatemalan regime: The army massacres and the ensuing refugee flows should be blamed "on the guerrillas who are fighting the government", he said. Mass murder and refugees are "the price of stability."

    In closing:
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