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    Not a reader of The Sun it being a UK paper and I have little interest in the goings on in the UK or it's politics. But Drudge noted and linked to so click on it.

    On the first page NINE yes NINE stories about Prince William and Princes Meghan, or is it Duke and Dutchess, or is it nothing now? I haven't a clue. NINE.........

    So I guess it doesn't get a bookmark on my bookmarks bar......:no:


    Note U.S Edition.

    And I saw a funny meme the other day with their picture and the title was "the husband formerly known as Prince" thought it was hilarious and was telling a bud at the drinking hole about and the very nice but rather rough don't giver her no **** female bartender over heard and jumped in and started telling us about it and who was who and what this means to the queen she id just really into the Royals and feels so sad about it..

    So is there a audience for Murdock with this form of publication? Another brilliant move on his part or huge mistake?
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