The world is communicating itself into the abyss

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    Why this time the entire world is heading in the direction of another dark period in history is because of a fundamental reason, mutual communication over information mainly coming from television (because it is the easiest way to recieve information, by a touch of a button loads of information enters the mind (receiver)

    People communicate over everything their mind is exposed to, and it ain't information that is in advantage of their freedom and future. The information is not coming from their minds (not their ideas)
    So the world is communicating itself slowly but surely into the abyss.

    By communicating about information that contains a high amount of emotion, the emotion of the a very large amount of the world population starts to rise, and slowly but surely people's minds start to become the same emotionally. Everywhere you see more and more organisation or larger and larger groups of people (and none of them can see what is going on, how that could happen)

    To slow down this process the individual can only do one thing, stop the spread of his own emotion (which cannot be felt or sensed by the person's mind)
    This process works in the same way as the movies movie Shutter Island or Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Quiet Earth show. In the end just a few people out of billions have stayed 'normal' in emotional state of mind (because they figured it out or could see what was going on after years of observing the world around them, and all the media, that changed)

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