These 5 Rebel Movements Want To Change How Money Works

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    Would any of these work? If so which one would you be most in favor of? Read the whole thing at the link:

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    A functional economic system - one that works for everyone - needs both Marxist and neoliberal (supply side ) elements.

    For example, if there are unused labour and physical resources, then governments ought to be able to print money to enable employment of those unused resources. Significant inflation will not result because there will be no excess draw on production beyond the economy's capabilities.

    (Money itself of course has no intrinsic value, and is merely an enabler of exchange and a measure of wealth; wealth lies in goods and services).

    Hence un/under-employment could be eliminated, without raising taxes. There are many socially useful services which could be funded in this manner, without a significant increased draw on scarce physical resources.

    Of course, this system would require global co-operation, to ensure a basic living wage for everyone, without problems of devaluation occurring between different currencies, in an environment of competitive free trade (without tariffs).

    Just saying.

    A sense of solidarity among humans (a Marxist concept) would enable the elimination of poverty, without raising taxes.
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