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    New poll by the Times in UK reveals that Muslims are among Britain’s most generous givers, topping a poll of religious groups that donate to charity, according to new research. Athiests on the other hand scored at the bottom.

    Muslims who donated to charity last year gave an average of almost £371 each, with Jewish givers averaging just over £270 per person. This is despite the fact that the median income for Muslims in approximately 40% lower than the national median.

    Nearly one in ten of Jewish givers donated more than £1,000. Among Muslim givers, most donated between £300 and £500.

    Zarine Kharas, chief executive of JustGiving, told The Times: “Our data shows many of Britain’s Muslim communities are at the forefront of digital giving, driving an increase in zakat donations.”

    Farooq Murad, secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, said: “It highlights the true spirit and reality of Islam in Britain, in caring not just for the community but also humanity at large and supporting national causes."

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