Tree Of Life

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    The golden tree, The Tree of Life -
    Into its shadow I will dive
    And feast upon the blessed fruit
    Then dig until the very root.
    Inside the root I'll find the seed
    And share it with the ones in need:
    The tattered hearts and spirits torn -
    Between the sundown and the morn,
    Between the wisdom and the bliss
    Is found the fearsome abyss.
    In savage light I'll find the day
    And wait for love to burn away
    Then conjure till the heart of Is
    Corrodes and scatters - then the breeze
    Will take away the Adam's feast -
    As far as west is from the east
    Will be the cause and the effect -
    Between the impulse and the act
    Between the method and the end
    Will stand the rainbow. In the land
    Of blind, the one-eyed man is king;
    A condor with the broken wing
    Will feel the presence of the light
    To set himself again to flight.
    And as light beams through all the earth
    Will be dissolved all remorse,
    Will be forgotten all the sins -
    And condor with the broken wings
    Will soar again, and all the blind
    Will see with vision of the mind
    The one in all, the all in one -
    The life-tree blooming in the sun.

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